New Family Pictures

Every Christmas we want to get a family picture taken, but have not managed to do so since Daniel was 1, and he’s now 5. It’s just so much trouble to get everyone looking nice and try to find a time to get us all there. So I put it off until eventually it’s too late and then we wait until next year.

So when our friends Al and Megan were coming over on Saturday, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps Al would help us out. (They’re the ones we went to the beach with last summer, if you read that post.) Al has turned his photography hobby into a minor obsession. You can see his very cool photo blog here: http://jurina.wordpress.com/
(How’s that for free advertising, Al? Maybe someone will see your genius and offer you big bucks for one of your prints. Of course, I don’t think anyone reading this necessarily has “big bucks,” but, hey, you never know.)

Anyway, he graciously agreed, and here are some of the pictures from the weekend.




(If only Daniel had been paying attention, this would have been a very cute picture.)