Vacation Bible School and Chicken Loving Cows

Vacation Bible School hasn't had a very good reception with Emily in past years. The first year she went she defiantly crossed her arms and scowled as she chewed her fingers the entire closing program, right up front and center in the first row. We alternated between embarrassment and amusement throughout.

My, but times have changed! Both Emily and Daniel went this year (though Daniel wasn't old enough to be in the closing program) and both of them loved it. Daniel came home the first day reciting his first ever memorized Bible verse. "Trust in the Lord!" he exclaimed proudly. He still remembers it - I know because I had forgotten it and I just asked him what it was, and he told me right away. Pretty good, eh? And, during the closing program, Emily stood at attention and sang the songs and did the motions and actually enjoyed herself. I think it takes those horrifying episodes like that first year to truly appreciate how proud we are during years like these! She's the one in the pink dress, second row, second in, next to the boy in the white shirt in the first picture.

This is Emily calmly waiting to go into the auditorium, and Daniel sitting in the audience, watching.

After the program, there was a moon bounce and slide outside, and cookies and juice and the like. And....the cow from Chick Fil A showed up. Don't ask me why. But he was a big hit.