Field Day

Last Friday was Emily’s school field day. Daniel and I went in the morning and cheered the kids on and had loads of fun. Emily was on the gold team, but she didn’t have any yellow shirts, much less gold ones. Luckily Daniel had a Sponge Bob shirt that was a little too big for him and Emily wore that!

Emily ran the relay races very well, and with much energy since it was the first activity of the day.


After the relays and a snack came the Laps for Learning...which was basically seeing how many laps around the track they could run. Emily started off well.

But that didn’t last very long before she began to get rather, um, grumpy. You can’t quite see in the picture because it’s small, but she’s giving me the most withering look in this picture. It’s saying, “You can take a picture of me, and I may have to keep doing this thing, but I’m NOT going to like it!”

After the laps came time with the DJ, which was something like a bad wedding reception. They danced the macarena, and the chicken dance, and YMCA, and the electric slide. They were very funny,

And through it all Daniel was running around like crazy and having the time of his life. So much so that when it came time to go he screamed all the way to the car “I want my Emily! I want my sister!” with tears streaming down his cheeks. Now, I’m immune enough to my children’s tantrums that I can ignore such things and go on with what I had to do, so I didn’t think too much about what we must have looked like, me walking ignoring my child who was screaming and crying behind me, until I got some strange looks from others passing by. I’m sure we looked quite the spectacle. As soon as the thought of lunch penetrated Daniel’s brain, though, he quickly forgot all about wanting “his Emily” and all was right with the world once more. Doesn’t take much.