Labor Day Weekend at Grandma Doss'

We went to my mother's house over Labor Day. She wanted to take us to Mount Gretna to go swimming in the lake there, and we did. Donovan went with us, and it was lots of fun, but unfortunately I can't show you that because I forgot the camera. You'll just have to take my word on it.

On the way out on Friday, I visited with my friend Stacy while Tim went to help his friend Al with some computer issues. My kids spent the first hour telling me they wanted to go, and then when it was time to go they spent the next hour complaining about leaving. I guess that means they had a good time. Here's some pictures of them with the Clayton clan. (but our camera is on the fritz, so picture quality leaves something to be desired. Sorry.)

We went to the lake on Sunday, as I said, and on Sunday Mom made an "obstacle course" in her backyard using the sprinkler, chairs, the swimming pool, a bench, a bell on a tree, and my husband. Leave it to Grandma Doss to come up with something like that. They had to run through the sprinkler, jump over a rope tied between two chairs, take an inflatable bat and hit a bell on the tree, jump in the pool, jump over the bench, then ride a tricycle around in a circle before coming to Tim and giving him a high five and starting over. They were crazy.

Here's the kids cheesing it up in the pool.


Erin came over later on Sunday with Ava. She's gotten so big, and looks so much older now that she's walking and with her hair cut. Sweet.


She seems to be trying to copy Daniel here. It's very scary to think that Daniel might be a roll model for someone....