The German Boy and Pippi


This year’s halloween was a big economical success: all I had to buy was a pair of socks and hair dye spray. That’s my kind of halloween!

Emily was Pippi Longstocking. I put patches of red material I had left over from last year’s ladybug costume on a blue dress of mine and tied up the straps so that it fit her. Add mismatched socks, shirt, and boots, stick wire in her hair and braid and spray it, and - voila - you have yourself a costume.
IMG_3954 IMG_3955

Daniel was a German hiker boy. Or Hansel. Or whatever. Kid in lederhosen. Daniel’s grandmother had given him the outfit last year and it was a little big, so this year when he proclaimed that he wanted to wear the lederhosen for his costume I was really happy because it basically meant I didn’t have to do anything! Add in the walking stick Tim got on his trip to Germany as a kid, and call it a day. (We also threw in a Karlsrhue, Germany bag to collect his candy in for good measure.)
IMG_3957 IMG_3961





Our neighbor Gabriel (has anyone else noticed how often Gabriel ends up on this blog?) joined us for trick or treating. He was something from Star Wars whose name I don’t remember. Bobba Fet or something like that. As usual, the kids had a great time with him.

And here’s the pumpkins we carved earlier in the day. The top one was Tim’s, the middle one Emily’s, and the bottom one Daniel’s. It’s really pretty obvious which belongs to whom, though. I didn’t get a pumpkin to carve; instead I just had to help everyone else with theirs. The sacrifices of motherhood....