Emily's Birthday

Emily turned 7 on July 29. On the 26th, Tim's folks came over and we ate her requested meal of lasagne, and then on her actual birthday on Tuesday my mother and Donovan came and we all went to Nifty Fifties, per Emily's request.

So, here are pictures from those days!

"I'm waiting!!!"

Tim's family - Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle George and Aunt Erica, and cousins Andrew, Rebekah, and Jonathan

IMG_1703 IMG_1706

IMG_1708 IMG_1709

The kids wanted to play with the slip and slide, which was fine until they had the creative idea to drag it to the sandbox and fill it up to make a "pool."


So then they got dressed and played MarioKart

Tuesday, with Grandma Doss and Donovan, opening Mommy and Daddy's gifts to her. My neice Meredith was also visiting, which was fun!

IMG_1719 IMG_1722

IMG_1723 IMG_1728

She asked for months for a pair of roller skates, but after falling a couple times has yet to try them again. Meanwhile, Donovan put them on and had it down pat in an hour. We also got Daniel his own pair of "snap on your shoes" kind of skates so that he could join the fun.

IMG_1731 IMG_1732