Da Beach


We started going to Bethany Beach Delaware five years ago with our great friends Jason and Gretchen. Jason and Gretchen would be great friends anyway, but they're doubly great friends because they have invited us to join them at their Aunt Julie's beach house five years running. You've got to admit that that will knock anyone up there in the friend rankings. (which reminds me, I still need to write said Aunt Julie a thank you note. I forget every year.) I grew up a Jersey shore kind of girl, but I have to admit that these past five years may have just converted me to Delaware. It's grown on me at any rate.

This year was significant for me in particular in that I was able, for the first time as a parent, to take a book and read and relax on the beach. At 6 and 31/2 Emily and Daniel pretty much just ran around and did their thing, not needing constant entertainment from the parental units the way infants and toddlers do. IT WAS GREAT! I actually relaxed during my trip to the beach. An amazing thing. Here are some pictures of having fun at the shore.

Here are pictures of our illustrious hosts, Jason and Gretchen, and their little boy Nat. I was having a lot of fun laughing at Gretchen struggle fruitlessly at packing up their baby beach tent. It was a great tent, and she could fold it up fine at home, but the wind added an unexpected element to the procedure!

The best part about Bethany Beach is that it's this quiet little family beach, not too overly populated. Cute main street of shops. All that. Yet only ten minutes away is Rehoboth, where there's a boardwalk with rides and the exciting things that you like to do in the evening. Funland is this family fun park kind of place with smaller carnival rides and skee ball and the like. I saw a documentary about it on PBS recently and apparently it's been owned by the same family for like 50 years and is entirely run by extended members of the family. It was interesting. Anyway, the kids have fun on the rides. We have fun watching them.

But the BEST thing about this year was that we went over Fourth of July, which I thought would be really hectic, but it was great. Bethany had a small town kind of parade, with everyone from the mayor to Miss Delaware participating, and about the entire town's population of kids following behind on bikes. Then that night we went to Rehoboth and sat on the sand and saw the fireworks. Awsome.