Emily's First Piano Recital

Emily started playing piano this year. Sometimes I hear parents complaining about how hard it is to get their kids to practice their instruments, and how they need to nag them about it, but with Emily it’s nothing like that. She LOVES piano. She plays every day, all the time, and I have to tell her to stop. When she wakes up the first thing she wants to do is sit down to play the piano and when she does I call down the stairs, “It’s too early for the piano!!!” She’s practiced so much that shortly after Christmas she’d worked all the way through the first year books, and had almost completed half of the second year books by recital time. Seriously, the girl is obsessed.

I’m so happy!

Piano has changed Emily. She glows when she plays. She’s confident and sure of herself and focused and dedicated. I’m so happy for her that she’s found something that she can be passionate about, and that makes her feel good about herself. Things like that make huge differences in the lives of children.

So, last night was her first piano recital. She was dressed up and beautiful and confident and went up and played like an old pro. I only have video of her song, but the entire program was wonderful. The last student to play performed this complex song by Chopin that took my breath away. My, but that boy can play! I wish I’d recorded it. Clearly, Emily is in good hands with her teacher!

So, here are a couple pictures from her performance, as well as a video. The video was taken with my camera, so there are a couple spots where you can hear the “click” of me taking a picture. Oh, well, it’s the price you pay for the convenience of only having one recording device to deal with! Just ignore those spots!