Hey Mr. Pirate, did you steal my sheep?

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Those of you who read of my Halloween costume fiasco last year might well assume that I was easy on myself this year. That was actually the idea. I was thinking a nice rummage through the dress up box would do the trick. But, of course, I never make things entirely easy on myself so it didn't quite go that way.

Daniel was easy enough. I talked him into being a pirate, being that we owned a patch and earring and hook and sword, so all was needed was the clothes. Tim had a hat that he got as a kid during a trip to Williamsburg, and I figured that colonial pretty much equals pirate, so there was the hat. And I had a black scarf to tie around his head and a colorful one for around his waist, and black pants and a white shirt I figured would round it out. So he was set.

Emily said she wanted to be Little Bo Peep. This began when she found a huge stick outside. (We seem to have a lot of sticks outside - I mean really big ones, not just little twigs. It makes me wonder about the health of our trees.) So she thought the stick was like Bo Peep's staff and decided she wanted to be that. Well, actually at first she decided the broken off part at the top of the stick was like a giraffe's mouth and she went around for several days feeding it blades of grass and calling it "raffy." But that's beside the point.

So I needed an outfit to go with the staff, so I went to Joanne's and got some fabric, planning to wrap some around her waist as an apron and tie some around her head as a headscarf. But then I decided I could at least make it a proper apron. And once I started sewing I thought it wouldn't be too much more to add a top part and make it a pinafore. And then I thought that since I'd gone that far, I might as well sew it up the back and make it a proper skirt. Then I thought that a headscarf wasn't Bo Peep-ish enough and decided to make a cap. Oh, and we mustn't forget the little sheep "tails" I attached to the stick, since as we all know, little Bo finds her poor sheep's tails hung out to dry, but not her sheep. Emily was absolutely thrilled.

But the difference to last year was that I actually enjoyed it. All those horrid fur dots last year...ugh. Never again. Sewing a dress I can handle. And they loved them so I guess that's what counts. Daniel went around all week saying "arghhh matey," and Emily took to asking passersby if they'd seen her sheep a lot.

So, the results:
Bo Peep looking for her sheep (this pose was Emily's idea) and fearsome Pirate Dan about to impale someone.
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They had a parade as usual at school:
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Daniel's class sang a couple songs so I went back in to listen to them. This was the first time I had to split my time between kids for a party. I stayed there for the beginning, and then went in to Emily. I don't know what I'll do next year when they're in different schools. I guess I'll figure that out later.

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Tim took the kids trick or treating.

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And when they came back they were really excited to take over the job of handing out the treats, and sat on the porch waiting for trick or treaters. They were very cute.

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