Daniel's First Day of Kindergarten


Daniel had his first day of kindergarten today. I thought I’d be ready for it, because I’d pretty much gone through the adjustment of having both kids gone last year when he went to pre-k. But, something about watching him walk so cheerfully into that school without even a backward glance just tugged at me and my heart cried out, “My little boy!”

At least he was happy. Oh, it would have been so much harder if he’d cried like Emily did when she went to preschool - and kindergarten, and first grade, and second grade.... At least this year all she did was cling a little but the teacher still had to come pry her away.

Remarkably, my children ARE from the same gene pool. Really.

He had a good first day. He came home on the bus with Emily and they were laughing and running as they tried to beat the bus to the house. They both started talking at once telling me about Daniel’s day, because apparently Daniel had told Emily all about it on the way home, which made my heart happy. I’m so glad he’d talk to her about it, and that she’d listen and care!

Apparently, there’s a bully in his class, though. Daniel said a kid punched another kid in the eye, and pushed another one down during recess. The bully sat out both recesses and free time. Rough first day of kindergarten. Rougher for the kids who got punched and pushed, though. Can you imagine going to your first day of kindergarten and having some crazy kid punch you in the eye? They’ll probably be traumatized for a week.

Daniel seemed unconcerned. He said he just stays away from the naughty chair where the kid spent most of his day. He seemed quite cheerful about the whole thing, actually. It takes a lot to bother that kid.

Which, I suppose, is something to be thankful for.

As long as Daniel never winds up in that naughty chair himself.....