Birthday Treasures

So, my birthday was two weeks ago. I turned 35. 35! I feel like I’m truly an official grown-up at 35. And, as Tim reminded me:


I got some excellent gifts this year. For about five years a rectangular cast iron skillet that fits over two burners has been at the top of my Christmas list (we exchange Christmas lists in our family because, really, it’s just so much easier that way), but no one ever got it for me. So, my wonderful husband did for my birthday! It’s awesome. It has a grill side with raised ridges and a flat side that can fit 5 grilled cheese sandwiches on it at once. Yay!


The other thing I’ve wanted for years has been a food processor, and Tim came through on that one as well:


Now, before anyone criticizes him on the fact that he only got me kitchen stuff, let me say that these are the things I really WANTED. I like practical gifts that I can actually use, and I’ve been wanting these things for a very long time.

My mother got me the gift that made me smile the most:


It made me laugh out loud when I opened it. She said when she saw it she knew she had to get it for me, and while on one hand I’m not too sure how that should make me feel, on the other hand...she’s absolutely right. I hung it over the armchair where I like to read. I love it.

All of those gifts made me very happy, because it’s nice to get gifts that make you feel like the person knows who you are and what you like, and not just things they’re buying out of the blue. But the absolute best part of my birthday? The one that filled my heart and, if I had to choose only one thing, is the one thing I’d keep over all the others? (Okay...the skillet’s definitely a close second...but still....)


I love them because they just did them on their own. Tim didn’t tell them to, they just sat down and did it, and it’s completely out of their heads.

Daniel punched holes and taped it over a red piece of paper. Pretty clever, I thought. It has his hand print and a picture of him giving me a present.

This one was from Daniel too. I thought it was pretty hilarious.

This was from Emily. She taped a dark chocolate peanut butter cup to it for me.

She also wrote me a story.

And she made this for on my presents.

It was my birthday. And I got lots of presents from my family. Just like Emily said. Some more precious than others....