My Husband is Norm Abrams

Okay, well maybe not literally. Or really figuratively either, for that matter. Tim isn’t sitting in a decked out workshop in New England recreating 18th century sideboards.

But he did build us some furniture!

The bedrooms in our house (being an old house) are pretty small. Then last summer we built closets into the rooms (since the existing ones were a foot deep - see previous parenthetical comment) and that made them even smaller. So I had the bright idea that Tim could build loft beds for the kids. You know, like you had in college to make the dorm rooms seem bigger than a bathroom?

Well, he’s done it. He made Daniel’s first, with much groaning and nashing of teeth in the process as he tried to figure out the bracing and everything, and struggled with a warped piece of wood that made the whole thing kind of off kilter. Emily’s went much smoother, both because there wasn’t the warped wood problem, and also because he kind of already knew what he was doing.

I spent the greater part of last week living vicariously through my daughter and making her bed into the bed-I-wish-I’d-had-as-a-kid. When she came home from school and saw it, she slapped her hands over her mouth, and kept saying, “Oh, my goodness!” over and over again, and gasping when she saw some new detail. It was pretty satisfying. I really suspect she was trying to recreate the reactions she sees on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, though. It seemed kind of theatrical. And she said, “I feel like I’m on that show where the boys do the girls rooms!” (Trading Spaces: Kids). So, I think the probability that she was trying to create the perfect “scene” is pretty high. Such a dramatist.

Anyway, here it is:


Tim made her a ladder - of which he’s pretty proud - and I had the idea to put the curtains there. A neighbor gave them to us, and I thought they’d make a cool sort of “hide out.”

IMG_2837 IMG_2824


If you’re sitting where Emily is, this is what it looks like. That’s the ladder on the right.


I let her paint the “ceiling.”

IMG_2829 IMG_2831

Tim finished building Daniel’s first, but it’s not completely done yet. Daniel slept with Emily while his was being built, and Tim said he wanted to finish building Emily’s before trying to paint his, so we moved Emily right into his room. But it was easier to just go ahead and paint Emily’s while she was still with Daniel, so it turned out that hers got done first. Daniel’s not so happy about that. He’s DESPERATE for curtains now too since Emily has them. He says he wants butterfly curtains “just like Emily.” Hmmmm - I think we’ll see about that one. So here are the pictures of his not-quite-finished loft bed.
IMG_2839 IMG_2840

There’s not so much to show with this one - I’ll try to remember to put up “after” pictures when it’s done. I think I want Tim to put a ladder on his like Emily, though. It’s really hard to be able to get up and see him after he’s up there, and I miss that! We didn’t do one before because of the window - but I think we’ll just have to work around it.

And, incidentally, I made both of their quilts, in case anyone cares. By hand. So between Tim building furniture and me making quilts, maybe we’re turning Amish?

Maybe not.