Dance of the Sugarplum Potty


These pictures are from Emily's last day of kindergarten. It was such a long time ago, now, that I don't remember much to write about it, except that they sang us cute little songs. One was called the Potty Dance. I thought she was joking when she said they did the potty dance at school, but it turns out she wasn't.

Scenes from the Potty Dance


Before all the parents arrived, the kids were sitting completely quiet and waiting. I was amazed. You could have heard the proverbial pin drop. They sat like that for like five minutes. How on earth a classroom of 21 kindergarteners can do that I'll never know...Mrs. Woodruff must be one heck of a teacher.

Emily gave her teacher a gift of offerings from our tiny garden: broccoli, strawberries, mint, oregano, and daisys. Rather original, I thought. Better than a magnet. It's like the apple for the teacher thing, amped up....

And, as usual, Daniel jumped around like a maniac while the kids sang their songs. I think there are springs surgically attached to his feet.P6130015