Four on the Fourth

I remember my tenth birthday vividly because I was very enamored with the fact that I was turning ten on the tenth day of the tenth month. Well, this birthday was something like that for Daniel, only he didn't really care because he's only four. Emily liked it, though. Actually, she was the one who pointed out to us that Daniel was turning four on the fourth. So, last Sunday on his birthday my mother and Donovan and Tim's parents and sister and brother in law (and kids) came to celebrate. We had yummy beef briskit, marinated roast vegetables, salad, rice, peaches and carrot cake for dessert. The kids were rather all over each other, and not in a good way, until they segregated themselves into male and female. That seemed to work a lot better, somehow. As always, it was wonderful to be together with family just being together. Here are pictures from the day, complements of Tim's parents, since our camera is on the fritz. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

Pictures of the kids and their cousins: Rebekah, Emily, Jonathan, Daniel, and Donovan


Yay! Presents! Daniel was especially enamored with the Black and Decker drill that looks "just like Daddy's." And, the play doh, of course. Tim hates play doh because of the mess, but it keeps the kids occupied for hours so I'm not complaining. (especially since school was closed Tuesday and Wednesday - it gave them something to do!)



Here are some spectacularly bad pictures of people that Tim's dad managed to take. Pretty funny. My mother looks like she's picking her nose (which she isn't, just let me add) and I'm not sure what the heck Tim's doing. I guess I'm not that bad, but I am rather swollen looking. TIm's mom is giving someone the death stare, it looks like. Very scary.

And here's a better picture of Tim's mom, just to balance things out and so as to not completely offend her. Although, yesterday when she gave me the disk with these pictures she mentioned that she had printed out a good picture of her smiling (which is this one) but that it had "someone else" in it so she just cropped them out. Hmmm...maybe I'm the one who should be offended? Ha!!

And, some random pictures of other people: Tim's sister Erica and her husband George, their older son Andrew (the poor lone teenager in the midst of a bunch of little kids!), my mother, and Tim fiddling on his computer (of course.)