Daniel's 7th Birthday

Daniel turned 7 on November 4th. We had a quiet celebration with just my mother coming over, eating Daniel’s requested meal of lasagne. (We’d just seen Tim’s family on Saturday, so they gave him their gifts then.) I also made a sponge cake from scratch that turned out GREAT for the first time. Every other time it’s always been sort of dense and heavy, so I’d given up for a long time. But I just couldn’t make myself feed another chemically laden mix cake to my family again (have you ever looked at the ingredients list on those things? Seriously. ick.) so I decided to try again, and it was awesome. I’ll never go back to a mix again!!






The highlight for the evening was that Daniel got a new bike, after his old one was stolen last summer. He’s been using one we found left behind by some people who had moved, but it keeps falling apart, so we bought him a new one, and he was delighted!




The other highlight was that Daniel finally got his own Bible. Emily got an NIrV translation Bible for her 7th birthday, and Daniel’s really been wanting one of his own. NIrV is just like NIV but slightly simplified for younger readers. My heart was exceedingly blessed to see Daniel plunk down on the sofa with his new Bible and start reading it for about 20 minutes. (He’s reading through Daniel...of course!)