Music Week

Last week was Music Week in our home. On Thursday night, Emily had her first ever band concert, and on Saturday she had her second piano recital.

If you remember from last year, one of Emily’s great passions is music. She started taking piano last year, and practiced so much that she was half-way through the second year books by the end of the year. She was the same way this year. She just loves playing the piano, and will be starting the fourth year books at the beginning of next year! So proud of her dedication!

The song she played for this year’s recital is called “Malaguena,” and she did terrific!


When school started this year, Emily had the opportunity to join the band, and after much debate settled on clarinet as her instrument of choice. She hasn’t practiced that as much as she practices her piano, but she’s still very good at it. Her tone is so beautiful, and thanks to all her time at the piano, it’s easy for her to read music and improvise. Thank you so much to my cousin Stephanie and her mother for letting us use Stephanie’s Selmer clarinet she used in school! It’s wonderful!

There are apparently more children in the elementary band this year than there have been in a very long time, and for being mostly first year students, they did such a good job at their concert! It makes me excited for the future of Morrisville’s band, which is typically pretty sparse, and I hope all these children stick with their instruments.

When watching/listening to this clip, be patient. The first song is 1812 Overture, and the music is written to be very monotone in the beginning, which doesn’t really sound that great with a first year band. But after a few seconds it picks up considerably! The second song, which starts at around 4:10, is called Rhythm X and is a little more exciting than the first.

IMG_4219 IMG_4222

I’m looking forward to when Emily gets a chance to be in the jazz band in high school, because the band director (His name is Dr. Michael Scott. Seriously, Michael Scott.) wrote the music curriculum that’s required in several states called the Instrumentalist Accreditation Program, and also a curriculum that focuses on improvisational music called the Jazz Instrumentalist Accreditation Program. It takes the student through four different levels of ability, and last year four of his jazz band seniors who had reached the highest “accomplished” level (and were awesome!) received college music scholarships, so it’s a great opportunity. We have a very small district, so the number of students who apply themselves enough to achieve that level aren’t as high as larger districts, but if a student is motivated he/she can really go far. Knowing how Emily is with music, I’m really excited to see how she does!

(I was hoping I could find some video from last year’s jazz band concert online, because it was just so phenomenal with those four seniors, but I couldn’t find anything! You’ll just have to take my word for it.)

Emily also BEGGED to be able to join the Violin Club, because she was so excited about the idea of learning violin. Since this was an after-school club, though, attendance was apparently very sporadic from everyone except Emily, so they didn’t get to do a year-end concert. Still, at least it was exposure to another instrument, even if the teaching was a little slow since the teacher had to keep backtracking for the students who missed. And Emily loved it.

So, that’s the Music Summary for this year. I’m excited for Emily and her passion. Not everyone finds a passion so young - some people never do! I’m excited to see what next year brings!