Twirling Dirvishes


We had the entertaining experience of watching our daughter Emily in her first dance recital last Saturday. She was quite excited, getting to dress up and all that. They were supposed to look like Belle from Beauty and The Beast, and they danced to music from that movie. In the top picture to the left, if you look closely (and kind of squint real hard) you can see Emily in the back row, the one with her one leg up in the air.
While we’re on the subject, can someone explain to me when children’s recitals became all out professional affairs? I seem to remember having recitals in the middle school auditorium when I was growing up. Emily had it much better than that. She had her recital in a very nice theater at a private school called Villa Victoria Expensiva (okay, I added that last bit) in Trenton. It was lovely, and I half expected the Russian Ballet to come prancing in from offstage. They didn’t. But the children did, and it was wonderful watching them. I think I would have enjoyed it equally in the middle school, though.