Daniel Goes to School!


Today is a milestone in my life: for the first time in six years, I find myself at home alone.

Daniel started preschool today.

I hadn't been planning to send Daniel to preschool this year, since he has two years until he starts school, but this summer I found out that Morrisville got a PreK Counts grant from the state, and all three and four year olds are entitled to free preschool through the school district because of it. So, I went and checked out the program and the teacher. It seemed great. The teacher is a very perky elementary certified teacher who loves kids, and the classroom was bright and roomy and cheery. Daniel loved it. He's been dying to go to school ever since Emily started kindergarten last year.

Also, Daniel will be four in November, so he's having basically an extra year at home compared to Emily. He's old for his class, and he's starting to get restless at home. So, we decided we'd go ahead and do it. I was a little panicked at the fact that he'd be gone EVERY afternoon for two and a half hours. I'm not ready to let him go EVERY day! But TIm convinced me it was a good thing for him.

Since they got the grant late, classes didn't start until today. Daniel has been very anxiously awaiting this day for the past month. We got to the school and Daniel walked right in. He was impatient to go to his classroom, and ran in when he finally could. He found some blocks and sat down to them and was very at home.

"Give me a kiss, honey," I told him THREE times before he finally did. He was very engrossed in his blocks. I began to walk to the door. "Bye, Daniel, have a great day!" He didn't even look up.When I took Emily to preschool for the first time, she screamed and clung to my leg and refused to let me go. The teacher had to pry her off of me and shoo me away. She did that for a month. So, I guess my kids are a tad different.


So, here I sit at home, kidless, and the house is QUIET. But Daniel was more than ready for it, apparently. I'm not sure as to myself, yet, though....!