Poor Girl's Panini

I’ve discovered that this:

Plus this:

Makes a pretty awesome one of these:

I had my first panini in London 5 years ago. Yes, London. In a little cafe owned by (I think) Turkish people. Not Italy. Not even France. No, London, home of blood sausage and kidney pie.

However ironic that is, I fell in love with paninis at that little cafe, and have craved them ever since. I even thought of buying one of those panini makers, but I really can’t see the point in buying an appliance that has exactly one function and is just one more thing for me to find a place to store.

I’m not sure when I realized I could simulate my own panini maker, but yesterday, armed with goodies from Trader Joe’s, I decided to give it a whirl. This was the process.

Spread yummy ciabatta bread with pesto. Then layer with roasted turkey, balsamic grilled onions (compliments of TJs), and provolone cheese.
IMG_0351 IMG_0352 IMG_0353

Spread butter on the outside of the bread

Then cook it on my cast iron griddle, using a heavy pot to press down and flatten it. Flip and do it on the other side when the first one is done.

And then I end up with this. Until I scarf it down.

Who needs a Panini Maker?