Going Parking

I admit to being fairly wimpy parents when it comes to tolerance of chaos. We do like our ordered little lives in our house. Because of such, we’ve been housebound for the past five years. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but outings with unpredictable and uncontrollable babies and toddlers always felt like a huge undertaking, not to mention all the things one needs to take along with very young children in tow.
This summer, however, has opened up a wide new world of “family outings.” Times when we can all go somewhere and all participate more or less in the same activity. It’s great! I realize that other parents do this sort of thing all the time with babies along with nary a quandry. But, as I said, we’re wimpy parents, and for whatever reason it’s been hard to do up till now.

Last Saturday therefore, before Emily’s dance recital, we all picked up and took a spontaneous trip to Core Creek Park. Tim and I tossed a lacrosse ball around (SO much fun), and the kids sort of played with their lacrosse stuff and blew bubbles.
After a while they wanted to take a foray into the “woods” (you know you’re urban when the sight of a dozen or more trees together are labeled woods by your children) and we got some great pictures there.


While the kids were in the “woods” Tim started building a masterpiece of some sort with assorted twigs. He was very partial to this sculpture, which looked something like a miniature and rustic imitation of Stonehenge, and when Daniel came along and moved one of the sticks he was very upset. Don’t mess with a man and his twig sculpture, I’m telling you! I have some pictures here to show just how magnificent it was.