My Funny Valentine

Tim’s away at his yearly trip to PETE&C (Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference). And it happens to be Valentine’s Day. Now, this really isn’t a big deal for me, since I don’t really care too much one way or the other about Valentine’s Day, but Tim apparently realized weeks ago that he’d be gone today, and made arrangements.

On my way out the door to pick up the kids from school, I found a box on the porch. It was those boxed kind of flowers you can send people, so I smiled at Tim’s thoughtfulness, and put them in the house until I got home with the kids.

We got home. The kids were super excited about the box of flowers, so we opened them right away, and in the bottom I saw the card. This is what I found.


My eyebrows shot up, and my brain said, “wha-huh?” Really, from the very first sentence, I started to wonder. This sounded NOTHING like my husband. He’d never write anything as sappy as this, and I can’t imagine him picking out a pre-worded thing like this either.

And besides that...it ends in Spanish.

I had Emily go check to make sure it was my name on the box. It was.

So, maybe this is just what everyone gets sent in their flowers? For some...really, uh...strange reason?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

So, apparently I got someone else’s card. I can’t tell if Rasheed is the sender or the receiver or some completely random name. And is the receiver perhaps named Mo Nifee? It does say (in Spanish), “Mo Nifee, I love you!!!” after all.

If her name is Mo Nifee, I am incredibly, overwhelmingly, amused.

Or, maybe it’s Yelytza? (Who ever heard of a name like Yelytza, though?)

Who the heck are these people with these NAMES?!?!?!

Excuse me while I go have a laughing fit.

I love that Valentine’s Day, for me, includes ironic unintentional humor. It’s actually sort of the perfect thing for me.

The flowers are, by the way, beautiful. They’re Alstroemeria, 100 of them, which were the primary flowers we had in our wedding. I love Alstroemeria. This is, however, not a romantic gesture but complete coincidence on the part of my husband. He has absolutely no memory of what flowers were in our wedding or even what these flowers he sent me are called. I don’t think he even knows I like them, because that’s not the sort of thing we talk about. He probably just saw the picture and thought they were pretty. They have to sit a day before they open completely, but I bet they’ll be gorgeous when they do.


So, I got the perfect flowers purely accidentally, paired with perhaps the most humorous Valentine’s card I’ve ever received. Ah. I love it. That’s my kind of Valentine’s Day.

I called Tim and told him about the whole thing, and asked what he had written. He said it was something along the lines of, “I love you and I’m sorry I can’t be home with you today! I miss you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” Now, that sounds much more appropriate for him and the kind of relationship we have. To the point and affectionate without being nauseating about it.

I wonder who got my card? If it was Rasheed/Mo Nifee/Yelytza, I bet they’re REALLY disappointed.