Day of Firsts

Today was Emily's first day of first grade. The school went to uniforms this year, as you can see. They have to wear either navy or tan bottoms and navy or white tops. I think the uniforms are adorable, at least for the girls. Lots of pleated skirts and jumpers to choose from. So Emily went off to school all nice, with her shirt tucked in and her knee socks pulled up and her hair in a nice neat ponytail.

She didn't come home in the same condition, however. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it, now, but she's already changed. Her shirt was untucked and smeared all over the front with strawberry juice, her hair had come completely down and was hanging in her face, and her socks were rolled all the way down to her ankles. When we got home she unrolled her socks to reveal that she had stashed her hair clips and holder in them for safe keeping. She said she didn't want to lose them after she took them out. She also had a smudge of chocolate across her forehead, which I'm not sure how it got there since I didn't give her anything chocolate in her lunch. I wonder how long this transformation took? Maybe I don't want to know. She looked really cute this morning, though.

Daniel seemed rather lost today. He kind of hung around me and didn't seem to remember how to play by himself. He's gotten too used to having someone around all the time. We went to the park later in the morning to help him out, and I took my laptop along to get some work done while he played. It was good for everyone!

Emily said she had a really good day and was very excited, which is good. She was a little nervous this morning. She's been having night anxieties, too, feeling worried and afraid to be alone at night and "like a family of bees went to live in my stomach." I asked her why she was feeling that way, and she very seriously sat up and bed and said. "I know why, Mom. I think that when I was outside playing I left my mouth open and some flew in and I went *gulp*." So much for psychoanalysis. I'm hoping having a smooth start to school will calm her emotions, at any rate. It's hard being 6!