Daniel Found a Knife Today. Guess What Happened?

What happens when an 8 year old boy finds something like this outside?


It’s dirty, rusty, and dangerous, so he thinks it’s a perfect thing to play with of course.

Which, in turn leads to this

but, only after it gushes copious amounts of blood while the child is crying frantically. It’s deep - deep enough to see “something” white in there (bone? cartilage? whatever it is, it’s grossing the mother out and is enough to convince her that a trip to the ER is necessary.)

This all happens on a holiday, Memorial Day, in which grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins are all visiting. Dessert has just been put out, but too bad. Relatives and dessert alike are left behind while mother and son (and a 21 year old niece, who, fortuitously, is an EMT and is great help during and episode like this) go off to the hospital.

This is the same hospital where this child got stitches in his head a little over a year ago. The mother spends time coming up with ways to convince hospital personnel that she is not, in fact, abusing her child. Fortunately, no one seems suspicious. The admitting nurse does administer a lecture to the child about “never playing with guns or knives. If I teach you one thing in the three minutes I have with you, I want it to be that you never play with guns or knives!”

The ER is apparently old hat to the kid by now.

But only until the actual stitches start, and then he tries to hold it in, squeezing his mother’s hands and tears running down his face, since he can feel everything despite the Lydocane. It seems like it hurts a lot. The mother can’t help but feel a little glad for this, even while hating it, hoping that maybe SOMETHING of this will sink into the kid’s head and make him think twice next time.

When it’s all done he has this to show for it

as well as a dorky looking shoe that is supposed to keep his foot flat, but he seems to kind of like it.

The mother is now planning to collect all the ER photos over the years and make a montage of them for her son when he graduates from college, and thank the Lord that he made it there in one piece. (hopefully.)