Mothers, Mothers Everywhere

I’m not a huge fan of Mother’s Day. People who know me well know this. I hate going to church and having every single person I know say “Happy Mother’s Day!” to me in an overly chipper way simply because I happen to be a mother. I feel like snapping back at them, “I’m not YOUR mother!” but of course I don’t. I smile and say thank you. If it’s another mother saying it to me I even manage to say “you too” back. See, I’m not completely socially inept. I can fake it when I need to.

However, I AM a huge fan of my mothers. (plural because I’m including my mother-in-law in the statement.) So this past weekend we went to see both of our mothers.

Saturday, we drove out to Lancaster to see Tim’s parents. They now live in Calvary Homes there, but used to live about 10 minutes away. It’s been hard for them to be so far away, and we’ve missed the ease with which we used to be able to see them. So it was nice to see them. There isn’t too much of interest to report from the visit: we ate lunch, Tim’s sister and family were there, and we had a good time together. But I do have these nice pictures of Tim’s parents that I took there, so I’ll share those.

IMG_2511 IMG_2515

In the afternoon, we left for my mother’s house, which is near Hershey ( about 45 minutes from Lancaster.) We stayed there overnight and came back Sunday evening.

The big excitement for the kids there was that my sister (who’s temporarily living with my mother) recently got a small pool, and even though it wasn’t technically warm enough for swimming, that didn’t deter the kids who gleefully splashed away.

IMG_2586 IMG_2587


My sister Erin has a son (Donovan) who is three months younger than Emily, and a three year old daughter (Ava). You’d assume that Emily and Donovan, both being 7, would be primary playmates, but gender trumps age, I suppose, because the kids split up into girls/boys the entire time. Daniel and Donovan played Legos (of course - it’s Daniel’s obsession. See the last post!) and also had a “fort” under a bush outside they hung out in, and had fun with the slingshot until it sprung back and hit Donovan in the eye. That kind of put the kabosh on that. Generally they ran around looking for trouble.

IMG_2585 IMG_2566

Emily spent a lot of time with Ava. She’s really patient with little kids. She loves to show them around and help them, so she was in her element. She took Ava hunting for bugs (especially loving the little rolly polly pill bugs) and worms and other things outside.

IMG_2591 IMG_2518

But, when Emily wasn’t spending time with Ava, she was obsessed with the NEWEST attraction to the house: little Nathan Andrew. Nathan is 2 weeks old and under 6 pounds. He was premature, so he was really docile and just lay there looking cute most of the time. He actually gave me a small case of baby fever, until I realized that that was just because he wasn’t crying. Usually, when I see a baby I might think it’s cute, but then it starts to cry and then I remember sleepless nights and anxiously hurrying through meals at restaurants and not being able to take trips without carrying an arsenal of entertainment/food along. But, since Nathan never cried, I only got a dose of cute without the reality check. He’s DANGEROUS! Fortunately, I’m a pretty introspective person and was able to reason through my feelings before the birth control got thrown out.

I took tons of pictures of Nathan. Here are a few.

Emily in heaven.


Big sister Ava, who is absolutely devoted to Nathan. All she wants to do is hold and cuddle him. Pretty cute. She got jealous of Emily holding him, though.
IMG_2577 IMG_2579


Erin and Nathan
IMG_2537 IMG_2547

IMG_2550 IMG_2551


Oh, man. See what I mean? If you’d been around that for 24 hours and never heard a peep of crying, you’d be wanting one too. He’s downright lethal. Too cute.

And that was the weekend.

Now excuse me while I go find some recordings of crying babies to listen to....