Tim's Major Award

But, no, we’re not talking glowing leg lamps. This is actually going back to last month, and so is out of order for the sake of this blog, but I thought it would be nice to highlight Tim’s achievement here. (Especially seeing that so far his only mention in this blog has been to mock his twig sculpture. I figure he deserves better than that!)
Tim finally, after over two years of taking several classes a semester, working full time, and being an all around great husband and Dad, finished his work for his master’s. He graduated at the end of May from La Salle University in Information Technology Leadership - which is something of a cross between an MBA and master’s in computer science...business tycoon meets computer geek. He did very well, earning A’s in all his classes, and he was one of the only people in the history of the department to get 100% on his final project/thesis. On top of that, he was asked if a paper he wrote for one of his classes on cyberstalking could be used as a reference for future classes as an example of excellence, and as if that wasn’t enough, he was named student of the year in his department and graduated with “exemplary honors.” Whew! Now, all this is hardly something he can brag about himself, so it’s up to me to do it for him.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at his graduation, so there are no pictures of that. (What kind of wife am I, anyway, right? Well, the kind who was trying to remember things for the kids and get out the door to be in downtown Philly by 9, and deal with rammy kids for the three hours we were in the stands watching and waiting for the graduation. That’s my excuse at any rate. But I could have kicked myself when I realized it was at home.) But I did remember my camera at his award ceremony for being student of the year, and that’s what’s shown here.
So, yay, Tim!