Feeling Beautiful

Do you believe in time travel? I do. Because I got my new hair about a month ago and instantly travelled about 15 years into the past.

Here’s me in 1997 (with my dear friend Joy, about to go out on the town in Manchester.)

And here I am now

IIMG_0386 IMG_0478

Here’s how I was 3 months ago.

Isn’t it amazing the difference something as seemingly small as a change in hair can make?

I feel like I just dropped 10 years. I feel like my old self - only better, without the thinning patch in the front. I feel like what I would look like if I never started losing my hair.

I feel like ME.

It’s the exact shade of my natural hair, right down to the highlights. I mean EXACT. It’s even the same texture that my hair is, with a little wave. I was very grateful for my old wig, but this one feels more like a natural extension of myself. Wearing it feels like putting on makeup or spanx: not dramatically changing how I look, just dressing it up a little. (Although the change from me without it to me with it is actually very dramatic. But it looks a lot like the “me” I see in my head, which makes it feel natural.)

Here’s a little story about how natural this looks on me: When we went to visit my sister and family in Virginia last month, NO ONE thought it was a wig. And these people know I wear a wig! My niece said, “Your hair has really grown in!” My brother in law noticed my new glasses, but not my hair. It looks so much like my old self that they just assumed it was my own hair. That’s how good it is.

When Gloria (the owner of the salon) put it on me, tears sprang to my eyes. Which was mortifying, so I tried to hide it, but the other women in the room obviously noticed because they burst into a collective, “Awwww!”

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. I feel beautiful.