The McCleary Tumblers

The kids took gymnastics for the first time this year. Emily used to take ballet but got annoyed with the teacher saying they could only move if they were stretching, so she decided she might like gymnastics more. And the added bonus was that they offered a class for each of them at the same time, so we could get our physical activity class done in one fell swoop - as opposed to going to dance one day, soccer another, etc. I hate running around. So I was happy for the one stop shopping.

They really enjoyed it, Daniel especially. He started out in the boys’ (5-7 year old) class since he turned 5 in November - but he got demoted to the tots class because he was goofing around too much. I tried to make him feel a little appropriately bad about this, to encourage him to listen and follow directions better, but all he said was, “That’s okay, Mom. I’ll just tell the little kids what to do now.” Always a silver lining, I guess. Still, a LITTLE regret would have been nice, maybe?

Emily says now that she doesn’t want to take it again next year, but that’s just because she has this thing about being told how to do something. She likes to do things her way, and resents having to follow other people’s ideas. She LOVES to dance - but didn’t like being told how to do it. She LOVES to run - but doesn’t like races because she has to do it a certain way. She LOVES gymnastics - but hates having to practice over and over again and not just tumble around like she wants to. So we’re going to have her stay in it next year. She needs to learn some follow through.

And we’ll just skip the part where we notice that Emily’s problem with authority might sound an awful lot like someone else who just might be writing this blog. We’ll go straight on to pictures, shall we?

Here are some pictures of their gymnastics “recital.” Some are kinda fuzzy - sorry.

Daniel first:


IMG_2716 IMG_2719

IMG_2722 IMG_2729

IMG_2728 IMG_2732

IMG_2734 IMG_2738

Now Emily:


IMG_2750 IMG_2753

IMG_2759 IMG_2766

IMG_2768 IMG_2778

IMG_2780 IMG_2782

IMG_2785 IMG_2790

IMG_2800 IMG_2802